Healthy Cleaning Guide

Series of Non-Toxic Cleaners and Sanitizers

People are constantly searching for ways to live a healthy and clean life, which can often be a challenge. Shared spaces and equipment in schools, offices, and the healthcare industry are proven to be breeding grounds for bacteria. To combat all of these threats, HamiltonBuhl® introduced this incredible line of non-toxic, environmentally-safe cleaners, the HygenX™ series


Universal Cleaners

HamiltonBuhl’s HygenX Universal Cleaner is the ultimate, multi-purpose cleaning solution ideal for all digital screens, grimy cell phones, monitors full of fingerprints, cameras, eyeglasses and more!

Free of any harsh chemicals or fumes, HygenX Universal Cleaner is the safer choice for you, your students, your office, your home and the environment. The alcohol and ammonia-free, non-toxic and non-flammable proprietary formula ensures everything you clean is left safe to handle, scratch-free, streak-free and sparkling in seconds! Use it over and over, with complete confidence, on any of your sensitive electronic devices, equipment or personal items.

Universal Cleaner 8 oz. Spray Bottle
Universal Cleaner Gallon Refill
Universal Travel Cleaning Kit
One Travel Spray Pen and One Microfiber Towel (Machine Washable)

Ideal for digital screens, the HygenX™ Universal Cleaners can be used on almost any surface. Headphones, monitors, cameras, watches, jewelry, instrument panels, eyeglasses, flat-screen TVs, and more can all be wiped down with the HygenX™ Universal Cleaners. Its proprietary formula was specifically designed to keep digital equipment and high-end lenses streak-free, scratch-free, and leave it sparkling in seconds.

Universal Cleaning Kit – Jumbo Pack

8 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle of Universal Cleaner Plus 20 specially-engineered 6” x 6” soft, lint-free, non-abrasive, machine-washable, Microfiber Towels in a convenient, reclosable, hard plastic box.

Microfiber Towel Kit

20 Non-Abrasive, Machine Washable, Hypoallergenic, Lint-Free Microfiber Towels in an Easy-Store Box

Engineered for multi-purpose cleaning, the soft, lint-free, non-abrasive microfiber towels are essential for the home, office, or classroom. The machine-washable microfiber towels trap dirt, dust, and germs until it is cleaned. Reusable and fantastic for all surfaces, this kit is a must-have for anyone trying to keep shared surfaces clean and grime-free.

Headphones and Headsets Cleaner

non toxic cleaner

8 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle
1 Gallon Refill Bottle

The ultimate cleaning solution ideal for all headphones, headsets, earbuds and phones! Free of any harsh chemicals or fumes, the HygenX™ Headphones and Headsets Cleaner is completely FREE of alcohol or ammonia and is non-toxic and non-flammable, making it the safer choice for you, your students, your office, your home and the environment.

Our unique proprietary formula, ensures your headphones, headsets, earbuds and phones are left clean, properly conditioned, scratch-free, streak-free and best of all safe to handle in seconds!

Whiteboard Cleaner and Eraser

whiteboard cleaner

8 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle
1 Gallon Refill Bottle Eraser

HygenX™ Whiteboard Cleaner thoroughly cleans and conditions all whiteboard dry erase surfaces and is ideal for environments with safety requirements!

Pair it with HygenX™ Whiteboard Dry Eraser for pristine clean boards without ghosting, shadows or dirt left behind. This eraser has one felt and one sponge side to ensure excellent cleaning without scratching!



Sanitary Disposable Headphone and Headset Covers

Disposable covers from HamiltonBuhl® are a fantastic, affordable way to help prevent the spread of germs and disease. These sanitary covers are made with 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable cotton or polyester, available in sizes to fit virtually any headphone or headset. Keep shared headphones or headsets clean and germ-free in schools, offices, and hospitals.

Available in Personal Size • Deluxe Size • 100% Cotton Personal and Deluxe Sizes • Universal-Size • Bulk Quantities

Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers

non toxic cleaner

White NatureWeave, 100% Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic Microphone Covers

Black Polyester Hypoallergenic Microphone Covers

Available in eco-friendly white cotton or black polyester material, these come in one size that fits most handheld microphones. Simply stretch the cover over the microphone and you’re all set, ensuring peace of mind and cleanliness!

These microphone covers, amazingly, have NO impact on sound quality!

Tech Wipes™ Disposable Cleaning Wipes

non toxic cleaner

The hassle and mess-free HygenX™ Tech Wipes™ are an easy way to keep nearly any surface clean. Coming in the convenient flip-top cap canister, it can be placed anywhere were constant cleaning is necessary, and pristinely cleans laptops, computers, mobile devices, tablets and other personal electronics. Effortlessly pop the top and pull a single sheet from the canister and start cleaning. Tech Wipes™ Disposable Cleaning Wipes makes maintaining any area simple and enjoyable.


Patented, Portable, Automatic Sanitizer

non toxic cleaner

This unique sanitizer is portable while still offering a powerful sanitizing option. The fully automatic sanitizer features a rolling wheel attachment and extendable handle to make transportation practical and effortless. Its built-in electromagnetic latches keep all the contents secure and avoids any exposure to the UVC light when in operation. This all combines into one of the best possible sanitizers for headphones, headsets, and electronics available today.

Portable Automatic Mini-Sanitizer

non toxic cleaner

The Portable Automatic Mini-Sanitizer has all the same features as the one above, however it comes in a compact package.

When space is limited, the Portable, Automatic Sanitizer is the smart option.

Vray Portable UV Sanitizer

non toxic cleaner

The HygenX™ Vray Portable UV sanitizer is a compact and portable sanitizing option. For sanitizing anything, anywhere, the Vray easily, quickly, and safely cleans all surfaces with UV-C light, capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria. Lightweight and cordless, it’s specifically designed to travel anywhere, in a classroom, home, or office.

A patented safety sensor activates when the unit is on which automatically shuts off the UV-C lamps when the unite is tilted 30° in either direction. The combination of the innovation technology that makes up the Vray ensures every shared item, object, and shared spot in any room is safely cleaned and sanitized.