Healthy Living Guide

Staying healthy can be a challenge. Shared surfaces, dirty cellphones, electronic devices, and the workplace can all be ways for germs to spread. No one has time to get sick. Catching a cold is always an inconvenience.

Whether you’re trying to keep yourself healthy or want to protect your children from bringing home the germs they pick up in school, there are a few simple ways to go about it.

Step 1 – Find Some Non-Toxic Cleaners

“Did you know the average smartphone has 25,107 bacteria per square inch.”

It’s critical to look for products that do not contain toxic chemicals. Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaners can be just as potent without all the risks that come along with those harmful ingredients. The HygenX series of cleaners have versatile, non-toxic solutions that can be used to wipe down headphones, headsets, and electronics without a risk of damaging those products while still delivering a thorough clean. Use these universal options to clean children’s schools supplies and make sure all that dirt and grime never makes it to the family dining table or remote control.

Step 2 – Use a Versatile Sterilizer

“The average child in the US has 6 – 10 colds a year”

When it’s time for that deep clean, the HygenX series also includes powerful UV sterilizers that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Vray is a cordless, portable sterilizer, capable of hands-free operation and can be used all around the home, office, school or anywhere dangerous pathogens could be hiding. The powerful UV-C rays completely eradicate a wide variety of harmful bacteria. Vray has an automatic safety feature to ensure no UV light comes in contact with skin or eyes. When the unit is tilted 30O in any direction, Vray will immediately shut down. However, if you need to clean odd shaped or large toys, surfaces, or anything else, the safety sensor can be turned off, making Vray an incredibly versatile, portable sterilizer.

Step 3 – Keep a Clean Workplace

“Absence due to illness or employees reporting to work but an illness keeps them from performing their best costs US businesses $227 billion per year”

Whether you’re a business owner or just tired of being sick and tired at work, having a way to sanitize the work environment is critical. People can spend more time at the office than they do at home, so paying attention to the sanitary conditions of the workplace is vital. There are portable and travel-sized HygenX products to keep the workplace and shared devices clean and sanitary. The HygenX Disposable Tech Cleaning Wipes can remove those unsightly smudges from monitors, cellphones, keyboards, mice or any of the other electronics on your desk.

This is also another area the Vray can be of value. A quick swipe across the desk ensures anyone is working in the cleanest and healthiest work place possible.

Living a clean and healthy life starts with keeping a clean and sanitary environment. Using non-toxic cleaners, utilizing the power of portable sterilizers and making it a point to keep a sanitary work place are the steps everyone must take to live healthy life.

The HygenX Series has what people need to keep those shared surfaces, objects, and environment free of harmful pathogens.

Feb 15th 2014

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