HygenX™ Fog Eliminator

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  • HygenX™ Fog Eliminator

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HygenX™ Fog Eliminator

HygenX™ Fog Eliminator (XFOG) stops fog from accumulating on lenses of all kinds. Non-destructive, non-toxic, safe to use on any surface. Prevents fogging on lenses without any harsh chemicals or odors. 

Eliminate the frustration and hassle of foggy glasses while wearing a mask. HygenX™ Fog Eliminator gives you the portability and functionality you need to keep surfaces from inconveniently fogging up – especially when wearing a mask, goggles, on mirrors, cameras, eyeglasses, even car windshields and many other glass items. A true must-have for today's mask wearers!

Take the convenient spray bottle anywhere you go! Includes one 6" x 6" Microfiber Towel. Works like a charm!

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